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Sky Digital UK is the European leader in full HD 3D television. Get over 400 all english and international TV channels. Order Sky TV viewing card subscription service with all the best of Asia television channel packages.
Now also available in 3D!

199 EURO + Sky viewing card subscription service

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The NEW Sky+ HD box with 2TerryByte Hard Drive lets you record up to 350 hours in high definition, more than any other receiver on the market. Take advantage of the best audio, you'll have to use optical or coaxial digital cable for 5.1 surround sound.
Now also available in 3D!

499 EURO + Sky viewing card subscription service

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The Sky+ HD box lets you watch what you want, when and how you want to - pause, rewind, record and store, your favourite TV in high definition. Enjoy all your favourite TV shows in high definition, with over 60 HD channels - more than anyone else in the Europe.
Now also available in 3D!

399 EURO + Sky viewing card subscription service

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Indias most popular TV channels now available on Sky UK. To subscribe to View Asia you need a Sky UK viewing card subscription.

The subscription can be paid with VISA or MASTER credit card.

B4U Moviessubscribe_b4u_tv

A Bollywood channel to all fans worldwide that brings to you the
latest hits & international premieres from a variety of genres.

SET Asiasubscribe_set_asia_tv

A general entertainment channel for the South Asian community showing
the best dramas, reality shows, comedy shows & Bollywood.

ARY Digitalsubscribe_ary_digital_tv

A Pakistani Channel bringing family entertainment, cricket, fashion
events, concerts and latest news from South Asia.


A Premium Bollywood channel showcasing the best of hit blockbuster movies
& evergreen classics catering to everyone in the family.


A comedy channel bringing the best of laughter sitcoms, comedy shows,
reality programmes & hilarious dramas for the entire family.

Sahara Onesubscribe_sahara_one_tv

A premiere family entertainment channel for the South Asian community
with a stellar line-up of popular fiction & non fiction shows.

Aaj Taksubscribe_aaj_tak_tv

A Hindi News & Current Affairs Channel for the South Asian community
bringing live news and analysis from the Indian subcontinent.


A Hindi general entertainment channel showing unforgettable dramas, reality shows and movies that provide entertainment for everyone.

Full Package of 8 Channels - £ 17.99

Any One Channel - £ 9.99

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